Will a TCU tune wear out transmission faster?

Faster shifts with a TCU tune results in less slippage, and therefore less transmission heat and wear. 

It’s hard to point the blame at the TCU exclusively for ANY transmission failure unless its a beginner transmission tooner. It’s not like the guys losing transmissions are 100% stock otherwise…. these guys have tons of other mods and are pushing a couple hundred extra HP too…. oh, and the a lot of these cars are now at 100,000+ miles that have had lack of transmission services and beat on from the street to 1/4 mile track. 

#1 Cause of transmission failures is that you *Don’t Service Your Transmission Regularly*

In a daily driver scenario you should change your transmission fluid and filter annually. Even if the vehicle is more of a weekend or fair-weather cruiser, the fluid should still be changed about every 15,000 miles.

Transmission fluid is akin to engine oil in that it will chemically break down over time. Transmission fluid serves multiple purposes. First of all it is the hydraulic medium that allows the transmission to function. Second, it lubricates the transmission constantly and reduces wear. Third, it cleans the transmission as it cycles through. And finally, it pulls heat generated within the transmission and allows it to be radiated out through the case or transmission cooler. While the transmission fluid’s function as a hydraulic fluid doesn’t change with time, it can lose its ability to lubricate, clean, and dissipate heat over time as the fluid breaks down.

Everything mechanical wears a bit as you use it, and the debris generated contaminates the fluid, causing it to actually become abrasive to the very parts it was intended to protect. This is why we specifically mentioned changing the filter. *While a transmission flush is a good procedure, if you don’t also drop the pan and change the filter you don’t remove the collected debris, and ultimately the filter will clog. A clogged filter restricts fluid flow, which will damage to the transmission. No one would change their engine oil and leave the filter, but time and again we see transmissions that were flushed regularly but still burned up because of a clogged filter.

*Transmission flush:We caution that this method is only recommended if the current transmission fluid is in relatively good condition, showing no signs of damage.