Terms of service. Warranty

All sales are final (No Refunds) due to the nature of what is being sold as in “Custom-Loaded Firmware”,. . We do not accept returns unless the item you purchased is defective (we replace defective units quickly) or you are upgrading Firnware to a different version or Gear Ratio/Wot RPM needs to be raised.

If you receive a defective item, please contact us with details of the product and the defect and we will warranty out item quickly and you will be shipped a replacement. We have a 90-day warranty on the hardware from the date of purchase and just return the damaged tcu to the return address on the package and you will get shipped replacement.

Already purchased a TCU and do you need Gear ratio change/Wot Shift Rpm raised or other needs? I offer a Free gear change service or raising WOT shift points for customers that have already purchased a tcu and you just pay the shipping fee for the return of tcu.


 Rebuilt transmissions come with a 30-day DOA warranty only.  


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