Reset Transmission Adaptive Shifting 5g and 7g Transmissions

Reset Transmission Adaptive Shifting 5g and 7g Transmissions

This procedure will reset the adaptive shifting points in your Mercedes-Benz automatic Transmission Control Unit (TCU).  Needs to be reset when TCU has been replaced

The Engine Control Unit (ECU) monitors your driving habits. It records the driving style, usually by looking at the last 40 shift points and adjusts so the car shifts accordingly to your style. It does this by monitoring different sensors such as the throttle or the gas pedal input and more and we call this driving factor decay diviser. In other words, it learns your driving style. If you race your Mercedes-Benz, it will remember that and keep the gearbox in gear longer. If you drive it gently, it will adapt to that as well and change gears earlier.


1. Turn key to on position (farthest you can without starting car)
2. Depress gas to WOT for 10 full seconds
3. Turn key back to off position (leave pedal depressed)
4. Leave key in ignition in off position and release pedal
5. Wait about 2 minutes and remove key
6. You can now drive or start car later

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