New TCU Version SLR Black Series For S55-SL55-CL55-E55-CLS55.

New TCU Version SLR Black Series For S55-SL55-CL55-E55-CLS55.

After 6 months of development, testing, modeling and data logging our new release is a game changer, bringing major changes to drivability and shift performance and feel, unlike any release we have put out. 

  • The Torque Converter logic has been changed to significantly reduce the common 5g clunky transmission when shift speeds are sped up, smoother transition of lockup clutch and absorbing torsional vibration of the engine and
    powertrain, and smoothing out the engine rotation. Changes to Reverse flow mode and Forward flow mode reduced/eliminated a lot of tcc lockup bugs.


  • 3-4 trailing throttle clunky bumps were reduced significantly/eliminated with ecu tunes from Race iq and a couple of others.
  • Smoother transition into gear and reverse.
  • The newest tcu operating system available 
  • Torque management has been recalculated for better torque control during driving and shifts.
  • Full control M-mode holds gears. (Only in M-mode you toggle to with mode button)
  • Drive modes included are C-Comfort Mode. S-Sport/Standard Mode. M-Manual Mode. A- Abuse/Agility Mode.
  • Torque converter control is radically different, with smooth coasting to stop and smooth parking lot driving without jerking from stock tcc calibrations that most hate.
  • More sensitive downshift per throttle %
  • WOT downshifts are faster into lower gear. These transmissions do not skip gears they are sequential type so going from 4-2 downshift has to downshift to 3rd then 2nd. We sped that up significantly.
  • Blue-top solenoids are MANDATORY

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  • Rafał

    Hi Tj, is this TCU SLR BS available in stock? Can it be ordered?

    December 21, 2023 at 3:57 am

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