Full Sequential Style M-Mode Available Soon E55/CLS55/SL55/C55/CLK55/SLK55/CL55/S55 Burnouts Activated.

Full Sequential Style M-Mode Available Soon E55/CLS55/SL55/C55/CLK55/SLK55/CL55/S55 Burnouts Activated.

After much testing development and TCU Motherboard modifications to get right, we will be releasing a very unique TCU that has FULL M-Sequential R with instant up-shifts and downshifts sequentially with shifter or paddles.

This TCU version will give you the new sports car shift feel and speed and drive it daily or take it to the track. Activate a button and go full race mode.

M-2 Sequential Mode will give INSTANT Firm up-shifts and downshifts at all speeds and throttle %, Zero Lag using paddle shifters. This is perfect for guys who love to use paddle shifters and want instant shifts, holds gears, and no auto up-shifts or downshifts you have full control. Perfect for all types of racing. No more waiting for the shift!

  • Modes are: S/C/M/M-2 Sequential and use the stock mode button to toggle.
  • S-Mode gives super fast nice shifts. This is for the daily driver-to-race applications.
  • C-Mode takes off in 2nd gear with super nice fast shifts not harsh but nice positive feel like newer cars for daily driving.
  • M-1 same feel as sport mode.
  • M-2 Sequential Mode (switch activated) very firm full pressure instant shifts up and down at all speeds and throttle %. No auto up-shifts.
  • Burnouts are activated even for 05-06 cars, We did do a slight limit on how hard you can apply brakes while burning out for sbc system.  The test car is a fully built 2006 E55.  Send some smoke signals. Tire manufactures will love you.
  • We have reduced the torque reduction TIME FRAME during shifts to match how fast the shifts are, so there is no lag after shift is completed.
  • Part and mid throttle up-shifts and coasting downshifts have been calibrated for better drive-ability, no more lugging in 3rd gear at 20mph
  • The 2-3 shift gap has been closed up and now shift speed and feel is same as all other gear changes.

It will be easy to install with a plug-and-play wiring harness that takes less than 5 minutes to install that plugs into the factory tcu harness, Custom TCU hardware that has circuit board revisions done, and A light-up push Switch to activate M-Sequential Mode that can be mounted anywhere of your choosing or activate and tuck away under the carpet if you want m-mode to be always in sequential style mode.  

There will be 10 available kits on rollout (Custom Modified TCU, 12mm stainless switch in Black or Silver, Wire Harness with OEM pins that click into stock TCU harness, Install Instructions). Due to the supply shortage of certain SMD components on backorder that are required to add to TCU, small batches will be added to inventory periodically as they become available.


  • Main capacitors are replaced with Nichicon 10k+hours long-life highest quality capacitors due to encapsulation will render tcu board non-assessable for repair. 
  • TCU will be encapsulated in Thermally Conductive (1.25 W/m-K) Aluminum-Oxide mixed potting epoxy for security reasons, mainly due to piracy/copycats. Also keeps ATF and Water out.
  • Due to encapsulation with potting compound, a new way to update without a boot pin(C167 Boot pin has been removed for security purposes) has been developed and tcu is still upgradable only by us.
  • The switch included is a replaceable style that unplugs at the base and we will have them always in stock.  Will be many different color choices. The switch is water-resistant.
  • Harness included has factory pins that plug into tcu connector and the harness utilizes twisted wires for no interference.  Detailed instructions are included with pictures of the installation locations where to install pins.

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