Sequential R TCU Harness Install Instructions

Sequential R TCU Harness Install Instructions

Very easy install.  There are two plugs that are removed from tcu. One plug has only 3 wires exiting the connector. That is the one we are going to add pins on the harness to. Cut the small zip tie that holds all 3 wires in.

Use a flat-tip screwdriver to pry up the area that has a small clip holding housing. Slide open connector. You will see the connector is numbered.  Match up numbers to harness pins that are tagged and make sure they go in the correct orientation and they just click right in, visually look at the factory pins already in the connector to make sure you are installing the same orientation.

Only 3 pins need to be installed. Pin 8, Pin 4, and Pin 10.


Video courtesy of Trenton Sutton owner of Das Performance 

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