722.6 TCC (Torque Converter Clutch) Jerk-Shudder-Vibration fix.

722.6 TCC (Torque Converter Clutch) Jerk-Shudder-Vibration fix.

If adaptions reset and relearning does not fix tcc jerk on slow acceleration, you need to replace the worn-out TCC PWM solenoid.

Another cause of TCC lockup issues is: Filter screen plugged for the Torque Converter lockup clutch regulator valve.

Just because TCC solenoid ohms out correctly, the internal pintle can be worn out where it no longer flows correctly.


TCC lock-up solenoid 722.6 should be replaced when the following symptoms in a cold/hot state appear:

1. Automatic transmission RPM float when pressing weakly accelerator pedal in the range of speeds from 15 to 45 mph.

2. There is a thump/jerk during torque converter lockup in S mode or C mode from a stop to 15-20 mph.

3. The vibration appears at idle and driving cold and sometimes when hot.


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